About Me

Thank you for visiting my website.
My name is Tony Purbrook and I have been living in and photographing the Algarve for 28 years, having retired from publishing a local English language newspaper some years ago. Earlier my adult life was centred in East Sussex where I first embraced the wonder that is photography – shooting film, developing it (in my bathroom) and printing what I hoped would be another masterpiece. Ah, well!
With the arrival of the digital age,the computer has replaced the traditional darkroom and the digital camera has made this pastime so much more immediate and just as fulfilling. It is sometimes hard for me to believe that I have been involved in this satisfying activity for over five decades!
The Algarve provides so many colourful photographic opportunities, a flavour of which I have tried to capture here. If you would like to critique some of the images please record your comments in my Guest Book.